The Power Of Lead Generation

The Power Of Lead Generation

Throughout the month, in both 21stCenturySurf
and in clickaholics, certain days are chosen to
book for you personally.

Lead Generation

It begins with the right tools, like your web pages,
banners and text ads. Giving up 300% leverage is
not exactly a wise idea.

Thus Step 1. is to make sure …
NO broken links
Confirm links go where supposed to
Create or use company relevant banner
Create or use company text ad.

Step 2, is to get them in outside TES – NOT in just
our company TEs. You need to search out a wider
more interested market.

If it says 10khits4unow Maintenance Monday, do you
think it might just apply to 21stCenturySurf and to
Clickaholics as well?

Clickaholics and 21stCenturySurf Square Off

Square banners are the new kid on the block. They up
your conversion ratio from 300% to 500%. They are
a tool and they are not free. However, tested, you will
find them well worth the investment of buying or you
can support the Square Off Challenges and win a
bundle as well as your credits.

Triple Tricks Sponsor Surf

ViralHost Prides itself on providing support and
training designed to help you earn income, grow
downlines and better your online experience.

This is one of those times to connect and work with
your new people. Get them on the right track and
they will stay active forever.

The first mail is the welcome mail. The second is a
personal invitation from you to meet up and surf
this challenge as a team.

You can invite one person or as many as you like
or have new to your downline building. One team
per TE or 10 teams per TE, the choice is yours.

Check the calendar on this one cause it is a exciting
and engaging and a powerhouse build for both you
and your team mates.

Professional Advertising Day

Finally you are provided with the opportunity to turn
all your work during the month into well planned results,
if you and your team are ready to post those promotions.

From Getting the Sign Up Through Follow Up

Keep in mind, it is easy enough to get a new sign up.
AND keep in mind, as well, that is only step one in the
process of successful advertising marketing. You do want
to connect, get to know one another, earn mutual trust,
then turn the monthly actions into profitable follow up.

Good Luck! Now you know, there is nothing stopping you!

Your editor …


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