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Employing The Secret To Success In a Competitive Market

Secret to success“I don’t dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living.”
~~Steven Spielberg

Perhaps from this thought, we can progress through a super great year! The secret to success is so simple even in a competitive

If you have made New Year’s Resolutions and find yourself breaking them already, not to worry. Bet it happens to all of us! We just need a new way to create new habits so what is important happens.

Some Thoughts To Help Make That Happen …

Credits, upgrades and different products like square banners, and
specialty packages are a great way for you to create commissioning
products. Match the competition as they market or die!

Free members earn a lower percentage granted, but this way is
designed to help you find the necessary monthly dues to pay for
an upgrade. Study what is offered and get focused on upgrading.

Upgraded members earn a larger percentage per item and can
request payouts on the amounts earned as soon as they earn the
required monthly amount.

Please check the TOS. We pay on time and we pay what our
records show you have earned. Under no circumstance is a free
member paid by requesting a pay out except by the method of
upgrade as stated in the Terms of Agreement – [TOS].
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Do You Like Games?

They can be frustrating but always they seem to attract because they
can be a lot of fun. Just keep a perspective on need for a break vs.
need to focus.

21stCenturySurf is pleased to announce we are a participating TE in
the new Viral Traffic Games. Viral Traffic Games (VTG) was created
to give you extra benefits and a new experience while promoting and
using these tools.

You will need to join Viral Traffic Games then log in and keep it open
while you play to get the chest prizes.

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Check it out! We have the perfect Deals every day!

Check the BUY Icon in each of the traffic exchanges. They are about
to change so take full advantage now of what is listed there.

Scroll on down to the bottom and see what money and time saving
deals are available for you now.

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Make sure to read and to bookmark the following:

Regular Resource Sites to Bookmark:
ViralHost Scheduler: http://www.viralhost.com/conf2.html

Cogs & Logs news : http://newsletters.viralhost.com/

Daily Surf Calendar:

ViralHost FaceBook Fan Page – visit and Give us a LIKE!

Every 100th member earns a prize for like and comment.

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Did you know?

21stCenturySurf is just ONE of three traffic exchanges in the ViralHost
Circle of Income Creation
? You can become an affiliate – no cost – earn
your hosting promoting easy Viral commission products.

Check with your sponsor for details or take a tour of one of the many
friendly affiliate pages you will see while surfing. These are pages of
people who care about their business.

Or you can join via the downline builder.

Thank you for supporting our traffic exchanges. We appreciate you!

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That’s it for today. You are encouraged to stay on top of your business.
Keep your sites in rotation. Assign those credits building dust. Make
them pay off for your advertising.

Connect each day,with someone on your subscriber list. Let them know
you care and as their sponsor are available to help them.

And last but not least, do market for you. Surf and promote!

Till next time …

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Editor Fran Klasinski photoYour Editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing With Finesse


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