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It Is The Sustained Mood Which Demonstrates

“All of our external movements, motions and actions follow the inner movementss of the mind. Inner action precedes all outer action. The solution will come to the one who does not waver. It is the sustained mood which demonstrates.” ~ Joseph Murphy

Had a good look around you lately? Like what you see? Did you pass on your opinion? Remember, inner action precedes all outer action. Thus it is your thought process that brought you to where you are today. Thus it shall be your ability to sustain this mood that will take you forward, inducing success to he who does not waiver.

I am sure there are those people who wish I would waver. If I did, if I did not trust my inner voice telling me the solution is a part and parcel of the whole of what I am doing, then you might not be seeing what is in front of you now.

Is it something fantastic and life altering? Hardly. But it could be. IF you take heed that what you see is the ressult of persistence, patience and never giving up. That is the basic lesson for you to take away. To make sure what you are doing on line, becomes the result of your inner growth, your mind at work and your hands begining to follow in order to create exactly what it is you want.

If your hands cannot work the wonder of your mind? Connect with those around you. Share the moment of expectation. Draw to you the very people who have the skills you do not to either teach them to you, show you how to accomplish your dreams, or do them for you .. THIS time.

For all of your external movements to follow the inner movements of your mind, you need to stretch. To become more. To discover the joy and contentment of being able to demonstrate as a result of the mood which sustains.

For all you think. For all you feel. Do not waver.

Fran Klasinski- warriorlady
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