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Affiliate Marketing Quicksand Offers

In reality, you aren’t likely to set up your business one day and rake in untold thousands the next. In spite of what hucksters promise, it just cannot be done. (If you have an inside track on a proven method, then do let me know.)

If you are reading their sales copy correctly, and not blinded by dollar signs, then you read – “…built a business up to a mailing list of 18,295 subscribers in a little over a year.”

That sound like overnight?

What it sounds like to me is, it takes WORK – and anyone who tells you it doesn’t, is misleading you.

It also yells loud and clear that you need a mailing list. NOT a bought mailing list either. YOUR own contact mailing list that you are continually working to build.

Looks like that can take a good year too in order to build a fair amount of subscribers. It is not the size aka number of subscribers on any given list but the targeted smaller amounts of potential customers searching for something specific that you might just have.

Seems the question is, if you keep on doing what you are doing right now – buying into every short form money-grab, will you ever make any money?

It took me a long time to learn to say NO and mean it. IF I could put all the money I have wasted on programs like this over the years, together in a pot, I could probably take that Mediterranean Cruise I have been planning for and have a ton of cash left over.

When I finally settled down and began working with both MoneyLegs [still here and going strong] and SEO Squid – [now ViralHost with a ton more income opportunities within the membership levels] I began to bring in some pretty steady as well as healthy checks.

The key to building these opportunities was advertising. NOT in Traffic Exchanges, FFA, safelists and PPC places but right on my site. I learned to develop a Web site. Understanding why I needed one, made the difference. Then those tools could help send the traffic to what I wanted to promote.

Oh it is still and always will be a work in progress but believe me when I say I it is a profitable work in progress.

I like organizing time and creating income so Traffic Exchanges like 10khits4unow, 21stCenturySurf and Clickaholics, have led the list in how to build my lists, good relationships and a solid business foundation.

It takes all of the above tools and a few more like a self-automating auto- responder to make life a lot easier while I learn to market forward in what I have learned about income creation.

I personally know tons of people who were determined to spend hard earned money month after month for years, until they finally gave up.

It should not have to be just one of those things you must endure because you’re trying to build a business, keep that dream alive, and reach your goal of making money from the Internet.

Just imagine for one moment, how much quicker those things could happen if you had access to all the tools I have mentioned and more, that would help you build your business faster and easier so you could realize the true path to success?

And no, it does not have to take a year to realize income, but it will take work and it will not happen over night.

The main tool you need comes from you – personal drive and dedication to just do what it takes till it is done.

With the help and support of our trainers and owners, you can have the dream on solid ground. Now come let us show you the rest of the steps.

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