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Part II Netpreneur Success Basics

Two things destroy a Traffic Exchange and guarantee you fail. They are inactive membership and you not recognizing the many ways a TE can turn your actions into profit. Success can be summed up in one word – productivity.

How to wake up inactives and profit

Strategy One:

  1. Build up a stash of extra credits
  2. Offer them to your inactives in small batches
  3. They MUST surf at least 50 sites to get 100 credits

This strategy will begin the tale of who just forgot.

Strategy Two:
Some members have downlines they never connect with by sending inhouse mails – cannot if free, good reason to upgrade; or by using own domain mailers, or as a last resort, connect using their ISP mail.

Imagine advertising to get people to join you, then ignore them when they do.

NEVER use a free mailer like gmail, hotmail, AOL or even yahoo. Would you take offers from those addies seriously?

These first two strategies are for getting started. If you have never used either one or thought them through as actions that can improve your productivity and create income, then it is time to give them a shot.

Strategy Three – The Biggy That Pays You Forever!

Build your list. Disappointed? Then shake your head! NO list, NO business, NO business NO profit. Got it?

Some of you are seasoned JV people so you will know how to work this concept on a higher level. For those members who need the practice, try this strategy.

  1. Build your landing page
  2. Add form code [from auto-responder]
  3. Have a relative and great give-away gift

This is one strategy that works every time for serious marketers who have a web site with auto-responder. Is it hard or expensive? With ViralHost, NO. You can have both for less than a cup of coffee per day for just TWO Weeks.

You should be recognizing the power of your own contact list. Don’t have one? Time to get building one.

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