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Are You Hearing That Buzz

If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand. ~~ Milton Friedman

It will become a dull roar as those who fail to heed bemoan the lost opportunity to protect their rights on a FREE Internet unencumbered by interfering governments with their own agenda.

The battle rages on between Silicon Valley and the entertainment group championed by Rupert Murdock. Critics of this proposed law say it is a ‘blunderbuss and amounts to “web censorship.”

The veiled reason for these laws is PIRACY! That means big names are complaining you are robbing them blind. They do have the right to turn to Government for protection. And these companies will not doubt be able to get what they want before you and I as the little people ever will.

Black Hat piracy is big business. That is one side of the coin that does need addressing but not at the expense of you and me. Per usual, American Congress want Governments to step in to save you and me.

So they say.

I say hogwash!

Think gun control. Think Drugs and alcohol abuse laws. Think who those laws affected and who they did not. Now those were laws that were needed but they did not do the job any better than this one will.

These SOPA- style laws are in effect in Iran and China and other mid-eastern countries.

These are the same laws that decide if we can even talk to our friends in these countries. Now they want to introduce them on this side of the ocean? Can Google afford to become a pawn in deciding who it can do business with?

What do you think about these new laws? Is your congressman or congresswoman on top of what is coming down? Will they work for you if you write to them? Are you for or against this type of law?

There are places where you can sign petitions for or against. Do so wisely.

Read up on them NOW as time is of the essence for you to make an informed decision.

Two things come to mind. George Orwell and 1984. George was out by a few years but George saw the writing on the wall. The other thing is McCarthyism – what a terrible time in history that was. Is there a new fanatic out there trying to fill his shoes? Are we all in for another bout of laws based on fear mongering?

Be heard!

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