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Traffic & Leads Generation Part III

Nurture leads who are not Sales Ready

When you have to write your own sales and marketing materials, you learn a lot about what it takes to generate a steady stream of leads.

No matter how good you become, you will find that only 5 to 15 percent of all generated leads are actually ready and willing to talk to you about your product.

Think about that long list of inactives you have earned working with us. Was it the program, you, or simply wrong timing for them that has kept them inactive or incommunicado for so long?

“My password denies me access so I do not want to belong. Please unsubscribe me?” Wow, their error, and they no longer want to belong. Two things stand out here – lack of accountability and not ready to belong. The second one, not ready to belong is the correct one. The lack of desired action was simply the excuse to bow out.

By the time a program owner gets this request, the only action is to unsubscribe them. Could it have been prevented? Maybe.

IF the sponsor had an automated series of mails ready for this lead to accept and educate them on what to do when they first joined, maybe.

However, what you will learn if you are ready with an auto-responder of mails is how surprised you may be to find the other 90% ready to buy from you 3, 6, or even two years later – as long as you stay in touch with them.

I have experienced two people long thought dead and buried to become active, and a few very good ones who connected to find out simply what and who they joined because of lost records.

All of these actions more than two years AFTER initial contact. The secret was, I did not judge, I simply stayed in contact.

Lead Nururing Works!

By staying in touch, in a non-threatening way, you might just become the first person they think of when they are ready to take any action, from joining to buying your products or services.

Understanding that as few as 5% – to 15% max are actively looking for or considering what you have to offer, keeps your mindset balanced to knowing marketing is NOT a numbers game. It is a game of patience and persistence that will allow half of the other 85 to 95% of leads to buy from you or your competition over the next 24 months. They WILL buy as long as your continued communications are non-threatening.

Wouldn’t you rather it was from you?

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