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WE may be Small in Number But …

You are power surfers everyone! The stats are
totally amazing! From March 29th to today,
April 4th which is not over yet, you have earned
a total of 144,797 credits surfing.

The best day was April 1st, with 32,957 credits
earned then yesterday, day one of the weekend
contest for 30,605 credits earned.

We sure know who reads their mail and keeps
on top of their business.

Grab Cheap Upgrades

Did you know you can have our IndyDriver
membership for $12.97?? Can you afford to
pass up the best as well as a $6 savings every

Promoting 21stCenturySurf and Using Those Credits

So much has been going on that Admin and
Staff have been working overtime to make darned
sure the new scripts are giving you the very best
results. There will be glitches. We assuredly
appreciate your patience as we work them out.

The promo materials available for you to use in
your 21stCenturySurf promos, have proven to be
effective. Get them out there and test them for

STOP advertising home programs within our
programs. That is just wasting your hard earned
credits. Talk to your sponsor. Find out what
Traffic Exchanges they are using and join them.

Then advertise those TEs in side of our programs.
Balance makes the world go round. Promote what
you use and watch the subscribers come in.

Are you working on your list building? If not or
not sure then attend our Sunday conferences to
discuss how to get started and our Wednesday
night TE sessions on working with TEs.


Fran Klasinski- warriorlady Admin