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Fried By Surfing – Expand Your Reach

Anyone who says they love to surf or that surfing is fun, is prime loony bin material in my book.

Now I am not going to waste your time or mine, trying to convince you otherwise, because you will never hear me saying surfing is a ball.

Expand Your Reach

What I am going to do is provide you with a few ideas that will stretch your imagination and increase your results on a more palatable level.

Whatever your excuse, and I’ve heard them all, from ‘I don’t have time’ to “there are too many TEs out there to surf them all.’ means you ain’t organized, you do not have a clue how to use TEs so they pay you, and time wasting and wailing and a nashing of teeth, are your best marketing features.

1.Less is MORE and the 3-Step Simple Strategy will give you the power to change your marketing results. You get them by paying attention to the scheduler and showing up for a super great strategizing that builds YOUR results.

2. Brand Yourself
Pay attention to this one, I might ask questions later. BRAND YOURSELF and the programs you are using.

The sites out there that show who is promoting what are getting less and less. Don’t know how to add your picture? Check the scheduler and show up for a Saturday night session with Sharon. No matter how confused you are about imagery and the right way to brand yourself, she can help you get the answer.

USE SPLASH PAGES to advertise your proud business choice. YES I am YELLING. Listen up because you sure are a prime time and credit waster directly advertising company pages.

No splash pages available? Again the answer is the same as number 2.

Really expand your reach. Man everyone gets this one wrong from the get go. Expand does not mean sign up for something new so you waste more time, money and credits starting all over again.

It means be a good Scout – BE WISE IN THE USE OF YOUR RESOURCES. What do you think text links and banners are all about? The conversion rates off both of these beauties will beat the heck out of your splash page results.

5. ProTrafficFunnel
Missing the boat? Swimming with toads who hate the confusion worse than you do? Get using our Traffic Exchanges, enhance them with ProTrafficFunnel. Not only do you end up with a lifebouy, you own the boat.

Zipping around the net, drowning in surfing requirements and ending up burned to a frazzle is not the way to TE success. The circle of success is our programs put together in a duplicatable strategy that builds both you and the people who choose to follow you.

Making wise use of these resources, puts you miles ahead of your competition and arriving at the advertised results you are searching for by incorporating all extended advertising methods you have available now.

Work smart not hard.

Fran Klasinski- warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense.

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