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Wednesday Double Surf Winners – just one of those things

Contests are fun. Contests are made to challenge us to let us know we can win and have fun doing it. The guys vs. the gals is always good for a laugh and a competitive spirit that just does not stop.

The clock on our first full week contest is running down. So far the guys are leading but is that because they are competitive? Are they reading the blogs and the newsletters any more than the gals are? Or is this the luck of the draw? These guys surf all the time so obviously they will be out there on the leaderboards?

The gals? Oh they surf but other things get in the road and the last thing they notice is they are behind. Most of the gals I see in this contest are hard working serious marketers. They will be around for the long term.

Meantime today is Thursday and it’s
Thirsty Thursday Revenge Day
You’ve got to surf both Traffic Exchanges
Double your pleasure, Double your fun
Who wins? Ladies or Gentlemen?
Majority Rules.
Total Ladies or Total Gentlemen
Crossing the 175 Finish line earn
400 credits, 400 banner and 400 text imps in
10khits4unow and 21stCenturySurf.

Wednesday Winners;
200 banners and 200 text imps in both
10khits4unow and 21stCenturySurf.

sticknor, gnucanuck, warriorlady, gofer

10k Runners Up of 100 text impressions:
zhangwei (36706)
Maggie Eslinger (36514)
Merrilynne Martin (33977)
Gangchen (36044)
Ecco1729 (35862)
George Machesic (3826)
Warren Spicer (34376)
Ann Holmes (15909)
Debbie C (7641)
dolly marshall (14738)
Urpo Salonen (32477)
Elfrid Falch(1566)
Greta Odzakova (35807)
Christine Gabel (31530)

21stCenturySurf Runners up of
100 text impressions:
User 532 fromtime
User 574 submarine
User 571 fatigue
User 555 atthatrate1116
User 36 horseman
User 430 buycfs
User 502 traffic4000

Congratulations to all the winners of the Wednesday Surf

Tip of the Day:
Fill in the downline builder. Not only will you pick up new signups, it will provide bonus credits and double your wins opportunity in contests.

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
mentoring you with common sense

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