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Checklists From Hell

We are into creating check lists in our list building training. It is an important part of your online actions whether it is keeping track of your time, listing the steps to product creation, business building or …

one more list. It may not quite be considered a checklist in itself but it is a
very important list nevertheless.

It is your contact list. No not your personal one, but those lists of names that gather on skype, yahoo, msn, or any other chat line. You might want to add all those names of followers on linkedin, facebook, myspace and twitter just to name a few more. I call this check list the checklist from hell.

Let’s get one thing straight. These are NOT your personal contact list that has given you permission to mail them about any business proposition.

The names list will get pretty long and unruly before you know it. People you met yesteryear, that you chatted with, did business of some sort with, helped, shared with because others asked to you add them or they asked themselves.

Who are they? What do you know about them? Got a clue as to their likes and dislikes? Are they chattie types or family or perhaps members of groups or programs you have joined?

Prioritize the check list from hell

Three separate lists need to be created.

  • permission contact list
  • refine previous business actions list
  • you helped them list

Family and friends only lists can also be created and set aside. Right now they are of the least importance until you are so in control of your actions they beg to be included.

Next, create a Master Contact Folder with a notepad file on each person in
their respective list. When that is done, it is time to connect with each person on each of your lists and build a profile on each one.

Each of these people are gold because you have already established the
relationship line with each one. All you have to do is refresh your memories of how and why and this time record it AND keep in touch.

A lot of work? Perhaps. It depends on how laisez-faire you have been with
your contacts. Is it worth doing this all this work? Again Depends. Every 300 people categorized has a potential $2,000 monthly income to you.

It also depends on your integrity. Your business sense and skills in order to connect and rebuild that initial relationship.

You could join our list building classes by attending a Thursday night session where you can learn all about building your own personal contact list. From there, we move you right into the 3-Step Simple Strategy sessions that help you make it happen.

Interested? Check the scheduler link below for the time and see you there.

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