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Hello Have We Met

If you were doing cold calling in an MLM program, I could readily understand your reticence. It can be frustrating, and certainly no fun to have someone slam down the receiver in your ear. Ask ‘Who? How do I know you?’ or out or always in the shower when you call?

It’s like being the uninvited guest at a dinner party.

BUT you are NOT doing cold calling in our programs, You are simply using email to make a warm connection with a new prospect. You can. It is more efficient but if it bothers you then TIMELY email is the next best action.

So why is it like pulling teeth to get people who want to make an income online to connect with the very people who will help them create that opportunity?

Some marketers do not even send a welcome mail, leaving that action to the company as being enough. It’s important to tell them who you are; that you are happy they want to join you.

You have a common grounds to discuss – the program they signed up to join. Some people will join anything and everything they see. Others are attracted and take the initial action but never follow through. Then there is the diamond who said ‘hey, you don’t care to connect, I don’t care to be a part of what you are doing.’

The LCP or splash pages attracting new prospects may be company pages. So there is an important missing step between that intial action and relating to you as their sponsor.

It should come as no surprise that prospects need to feel safe in taking that final step to confirm. Thus The most important personal thing your personal mail will do is give them a reason to hit that confirmation link.


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