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Part I Netpreneur Success Basics

The idea of being a successful Netpreneur can be fraught with a ton of easy made mistakes, feeling overwhelmed, plus frustrated enough to throw in the towel, call it a night and head for a padded cell.

Knowing where to start and what to do in respect to logical actions, opens the doors to a lot of choices – most of them the wrong ones.

When you chose to join us, hopefully it was for far more than becoming click-brained surfing for credits that seemed to bring in less responses and less than satisfactory results.

All three of our Traffic Exchanges [TEs] are designed to fit into a much larger picture of income creation as a result of your solid foundational building.

You can choose to call yourself an affiliate or a business builder or a new Netpreneur or a lurker looking for a way to create income with the least amount of bother.

In all cases there has to be a system in place for you to succeed. A system that funds your actions to consistent income creation. That is what we teach, preach and show you how to do.

The Basics – In the beginning

Where are you in this list of must do’s?

  1. Joined
  2. Set up your system to make this TE sing for you
  3. Advertise -choose where to be effective
  4. Brand yourself on all advertising
  5. Upgrade and Promote

These are the basic steps where your job is to build a real system that helps you build your list, earns you commissions from your promoting of 21stCenturySurf and working the programs that are part of the overall system that earns you consistently growing healthy commissions.

You are free to use our generic promotional pages or to design your own. We even have a super instructor in Sharon Ticknor who will help you create a unique branding to suit your intentions.

Wherever you fit in that list, it is time to get started on completing the rest of the steps. Join all three TEs and brand yourself on every piece of promotional material you choose to use. Surf, promote, and upgrade ready to teach the subscribers who join you how to do the same. Your actions now can create a powerful downline of steady working susbcribers who will make your work a whole lot easier and grow your commission base by following your lead.

Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
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Marketing With Finesse
The starting point with people who care

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