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Rewarding Our Surfing Members – PartII

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Now I will let you know what makes up the “goofy” surf
promo code.

The number of pages to surf is the last 3 digits of the
surf promo code plus we tell you exactly how many pages
you must surf to win those prizes in the daily email.

If that particular TE is having a joint surf promo with
another site or sites, the first four characters of the
code are the 2-digit month and day.

If that TE is not having a joint surf promo that day, the
first 6 characters are the 2-digit month, day and year.

After that comes the 2 or 3-character abbreviation (created
by yours truly) for each traffic exchange involved whether
we’re having joint surf promo or not.

If there is only one 2 or 3-character abbreviation shown,
that traffic exchange is not having a joint surf promo that
day. BUT don’t just “kiss off” that site for the day! You
can win 2 prizes for surfing just 75 pages – the Surf Promo
Code and Surfer Rewards (more about that in a minute).

LOL – so there’s a “short explanation” about what makes up
our surf promo codes! Now you have some useless information!

Once you have the surf promo code, click on Surf Promo Code
in the left-side menu which is on all your member’s area pages.
Enter the surf promo code on that page and click on the “Add”
button to activate the reward process.

The system will then display “Code Accepted” and to surf
xx amount of pages to receive the prizes it shows. The
prizes shown to you are in a very abbreviated form so we
could try to show you ALL of what you are going to receive.

Here’s an example to show you what I mean by “very abbreviated”:

Here is what that means: weekdaypromocode should be self-
explanatory; 125 is the number of pages to surf; 15minJetFuel
means you are awarded 15 minutes surfing time at TRIPLE your
normal credits received per page surfed; the rest is 30 credits,
175 banner impressions, 350 text impressions, 8 square banner

While surfing, our system will automatically display a page
saying you have won the surf promo code prizes once you have
surfed the required number of pages. Those prizes are
automatically added to your traffic exchange account.
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