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Milking The Moon For Conversions

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt. –William Shakespeare

Conversions come from Credits that you earn in so many easy ways in 21stCentrurySurf. You really do not have to milk the moon for conversions when the solution to these problems is so easy.

EASY? Yes! The problem is …

  • hit and miss surfing
  • no consistency in numbers
  • poor advertising
  • lack of advertising
  • Do not understand progressive surfing
  • Do not take advantage of Powa-Surf

Some of the more active members have learned that 50 sites clicked per day is getting them both banner and text impressions added to their accounts.

Progressive happens for these people who surf daily. Eventually your progressive search might match mine. This is what I have earned by surfing daily … warriorlady credited 1.692 credit(s)! That’s per click!

If I miss a day, I go back to the start. Each membership level has a starting point that builds according to your surf consistency.

Now a bit of an aid here can be Powa-surfing. When it is on, your normal surf ratios virtually double. By the end of a session, you can build up a nice stash of credits. The next day when you start to surf, your credit awards will be higher but NOT the total you earned during powa-surf.

On the credit bar, you will see different words that if you earn each letter while surfing , earns you more credits. P R O M O N E Y is currently on mine.

One more surfing bonus is paid out behind the scenes. Depending on the amount of credits you surf, you can be chosen to receive banner and text impressions and if you surf enough, you will see your credit totals go up.

Five times per week, on a daily basis, the surf totals of the day before are gathered and the winners chosen. Are you watching your stats? You could be a winner.

The biggest benefit from daily surfing, is that your advertisements reach a larger market of viewers. Now that is where higher conversion rates can take place.

Run some tests on what you have learned here. Keep a few records consistently and see exactly how you can benefit from your surfing.

Boring? Not on your life! It is all about successful advertising so spend your surfing time learning what you can.

Post a comment on your testing to this blog and let’s see if there are not a few more credits sent to your account.

SEE the banner and splash page advertising re the sitebuilder? It is FREE and easy to use to test. Take a look and see what you can do. Amazing when it is this easy.

Fran Klasinski – Editor
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The Value of Online Company Policies

Do not wait; the time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along. ~~Napoleon Hill

What are you doing online? Do you hop and skip around looking for the next best opportunity and never give the companies you join a fair look?

There are companies then there are companies
It is understandable that if a company you join to test the waters is a sham or a front for some high-end product you are not interested in, then moving on is a forward move on your part. Conditional on the fact that you unsubscribe from this not-for-you program.

As a serious marketer yourself, you are looking for like-minded people who want what you have to offer. Hanging on to a bad choice is not only misleading to the company but to the very audience you are looking to attract.

How? Your membership will show up somewhere. Your sponsor will know and perhaps talk about you or your lack of actions, to other members as to what not to do when you join. Search engines might even pick up a page you use.

You’ve heard people say they joined so-and-so in program x and never heard a word from them after that. As a sponsor? You are joking. They just aren’t available. Don’t let those tags be you they are referring to.

Less is More
Keep your marketing list clean. Know what you want and go for it. Do not hang on for friendship sake. That is not professional from any point of view.

Focus on two or three companies you really want to make successful, then look at the other opportunities, like Traffic Exchanges, hosting companies and mutual resources you would want to offer to your subscribers to help them follow in your footsteps.

The company policies can be found in their TOS – (Terms Of Service) and you should be reading them in order to create your own TOS of personal professional marketing by your actions, support and working your opportunities into the TOS of the involved programs you use.

Otherwise you may be setting yourself up to become ‘tossed’ by the very prospects you are looking for who only want to deal with people they can know as clean, like for their perspective and trust for their recommendations.

Your Editor & Mentor
Fran Klasinski

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