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To Surf Those Traffic Exchanges Or Not To Surf

To surf or not to surf seems to be the question when you check your downlines and find 95% of them are on a busman’s holiday [spends time doing the same activities as do for a living].

Part of the lessons of surfing include the best days to release credits for the larger return of conversions. That day or days differs per person per Traffic Exchange and for many a good reason.

Quality measurements …

  • membership totals – small, medium, large
  • membership responsiveness
  • gamers or marketers
  • manual or hover surf or autosurf
  • how often you surf it – consistency
  • time of day credit releases
  • how many campaigns you promote
  • free or upgraded membership
  • style of campaign -direct or list building
  • company page promoted
  • LCP [squeeze] or splash page

… and a lot more actions that need to be measured for providing you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision, to surf a particular Traffic Exchange or not to surf it.

One of the value ways you can surf to test, though it is not exactly accurate, is to surf our contests. One of the specifics I can attest to, is that consistent surfing of all three, bring me in an average of six members per Traffic Exchange per week.

That figure is no more accurate than any other form of measurement as results can vary, based on even more actions or lack of them, by membership, and me, of course.

The bottom line is that you have very little chance of building that all important downline if you choose to sit back and do nothing. It is the consistent surfer who wins contests. It is the consistent surfer who gains trust. It is the consistent surfer who brings home the income. Because they consistently surf, they know the people they promote to and those people know them.

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