Gimme My Powa-Surf

Part of the fun of admin duties, is testing the way members choose to use the Traffic Exchanges.

We run surf contests to see who gets active. We turn on powa-surf to see who uses the best times it is released to stack credits.

Then we give the system a rest to see what you do.

Got an idea of what the results are?

You don’t exactly jump for joy and go surf with either focus or the need to have some direction. Instead you hungrily go for the contests and the Powa-surfs.

That’s cool. Next we have to find out who our constant surfers are. Why? Because no contest, no powa-surf, but you assign those credits to work for you. You actually work the system both for yourself and for the traffic you want to see your great campaigns.

That is a must action. Way to go!

Now here is the problem. IF you just assign and do not surf then the traffic goes down quite a lot. Thus your great campaigns show up in front of fewer hungry eyeballs.

So what is the credit surfing solution?

Consider this.

Try surfing 150-200 sites in 21stCenturySurf EVERY day. Assign those credits at least twice per week and begin a test of your own to see what happens when traffic stays steady, maybe even increases, and your sites get better exposure.

Take this solution one step further. Join ProTrafficFunnel, enter your URLs to create advertising links. Replace the ‘ugly’ ref links with the professional looking PTF links thus making your actions work double time for you by earning advertising credits that will double your campaign exposure.

Will this simple system work for you? Oh yeah! It is working NOW for many of our sharp marketing members. But then, why take my word or theirs? Get on board with this solution and test the results for yourself.

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense.

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