Tuesday Best Day To Get Emails Read

Downline Mail Send Tuesday
Research has shown Tuesday is the best day of
the week to send out mails to get the most effective
response rate.

So add this item on Tuesday for your weekly checklist.
Don’t have a weekly checklist started yet? Now is the
time to get started. Click on link below to download
a sample weekly checklist:

Download Weekly Checklist

So take out some time today to send a message to
your Downline Referrals. If you have been reading
our emails for the past week and following things
in our 21st Century Marketing Group Skype
, you should have no problem
coming up with some news to share with your Referrals.

The other option is to Transfer Credits to your
referral. Read More Here

You referrals may not respond but most will show an increase
in activity the next time you check their stats!

So just get’r done today and make it a weekly habit!

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