Rotator Option Change

We have added another perk for our upgraded

You can now remove the rotator frame from
your rotators if you would like to do that.

Thanks to Todd Perry at Orbital Traffic
for letting us know about that option.

We were advertising our admin Promo Walls
in a rotator so we would have only 1 URL to
watch and make sure we had credits assigned
to it in all the places we are advertising it.
But as Todd pointed out, it did not look very
good with the rotator frame around it and we

The rotator frame is the part at the top
containing your picture and name, the site
name and a link to join that site all sitting
on a blue background.

Now to let you know how to remove the rotator
frame since by default it is turned on…
1. Login to the TE containing the rotator you
want to change.
2. Click on Rotator/Tracker in your menu.
3. Click on Rotators at the top of the screen.
4. In the dropdown box, select the rotator
you want to change and click on the View/
Manage Rotator button just to the right of
the dropdown box.
5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to
Advanced Settings.
6. Show Top Rotator Frame is the 2nd option
listed there.
7. Click on the box to the left of Show Top
Rotator Frame to remove the checkmark.
That’s all there is to making that change.

See what our admin promo wall looks like now
without the rotator top frame:
View Admin Promo Wall

We suggest using a rotator to advertise all
Your Promo Walls. Just make sure you keep credits
assigned to that URL. Make sure you check each
site’s Terms of Service where you want to advertise
that rotator to make sure they allow the use of
rotators. You will find most sites do allow you
to use rotators but there are some that do not.

Come see what else we have to offer you.
Join 21stCenturySurf

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