How Market Visability Affects You


The next few mails should not be missed whether from here,
Clickaholics or 10khits4now.

The topic for some time to come will deal with market visability,
how to increase your visability and why you need to understand
as much as possible, how market visability leads to your next client.

Marketing in the new media world is complex. What I will try to
do for you is simplify some of the must dos, must knows, and must
be prepared to learn issues.

Let’s start with the word client. What do you prefer to be known as
across the net, with your involvement with so many different facets
of internet affiliations?

Are you comfortable with client? Customer? Subscriber? Downline
member, or simply member? AND … how do each of these terms
apply to you and or actions, or lack of them?

Are you insulted to be referred to as part of a ‘herd?’ Bored to be called
a ‘Team member?’ What are the different experiences you may have
already tasted within the framework of any of these terms?

How you feel about them. How you react to them and what they mean
to you can be the exact opposite of the intent. So job #1, list them and
see where they have been applied to your membership; how many you
have glossed over, and finally … Now that it is time to think your
affiliation future, how you will use these terms or perhaps some others?

Next, post your feelings on this blog mail and share with others how you
react to any of these terms. Knowledge is power – share it and you will
wisely use each term when called for, in the proper context.


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And last but not least, do market for you.
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That’s all for today. See you next time.
Be sure to do something special for you today and your family.

Fran Klasinski-warriorladyYour editor …
Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with Finesse

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