Guess What My Ads Are Better Than Your Ads

successtargetIt isn’t hard to figure out why either. My ads appear all over the
net, in so many places even I have a hard time recalling them all.

BUT I do keep a record of where they are posted. Another reason
my ads are better than your ads are they are evergreen and they
are targeted.

My goal or strategy, is to bring in SEVEN New members every
week. I no longer say one per day because who knows what will happen with my day?

Sure, I can set things up so it automates itself. And you get a nice auto-responder
welcome. Thus no matter what my day brings you get the message. However, I
like receiving a mail that makes me think it comes from a real person. That way,
I am more apt to connect with them.

Who Who Are You …

Your ad has to tell your viewer a hundred things in a few words so that they
want to get to know you.

“Hello, I am da boss, your new friend, guide, mentor, teacher or Ms. Tuff
As Nales – what ever you want to call me, but most of all, I am the person
who will show you how to get started and never look back”

Leave those auto-responder messages for daily reports or weekly
ideas on what they need to do next to follow your lead.

Are You A New Member of 21stCenturySurf?

In case we missed you, We would like to say Welcome to all the new
members who have joined 21stCenturySurf this week and Hello to all
our loyal surfers as well.

Please watch for mail from your sponsors as this could the week of
great connections, getting started and meeting your sponsor.

A quick note to remind you, if you haven’t already, you can surf 50
pages to collect your sign up bonuses. This surf also activates your
account and puts your sites in rotation.

Reminder: You must surf 50 sites every 14 days in order to keep
your account activated.

We have lots of joint surfs for promoholics so that should not be
hard to keep your account active and those super commissions coming

Current Surf Results:

23/3/15Quarterly Brand Triple Event

This promo is held on the 4th Monday of every month.
For some reason, the calendar shows a mix up.

Our apologies for the poor showing. We will do our
best to make up for it next month.

You will notice in Clickaholics calendar, this event is upcoming.
Can we make up for a bad showing this round with that one?

24/3/15 Trucking Traffic Results will be published tomorrow.

Meet our Upcoming Surf Partner (s)

Fran and the 21stCenturySurf members are pleased to welcome
Kristi rushing and the gang from ShaggyDogBiz to our regular
4th Wednesday of the month …

Cross Promo.
Surf 100 pages each site go to surfer rewards “special promo”
(at bottom of surfer rewards page on each site.
Choose from one: 50/100/150/.01
Submit claim at each site to qualify for random draw for these great prizes:

1 month upgrade,
1 day login-spotlight,
325 credits
150 credits

24/3/15 21stCS promocode: 21stShaggypromo125

surf 125 sites to win 25c/150f/300txt/25sqbaqnners.

That’s all for today. See you next time.
Be sure to do something special for you today and your family.

Fran Klasinski-warriorladyYour editor …
Fran Klasinski-warriorlady

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