Marketing Negativity Hurts

All Dreams Are possibleHave you noticed the growing skepticism, a general market
negativity and reluctance to buy from your links as well?

It’s kind of hard to make a sale if you are being ignored. It
is a fact and an unfortunate way of life on the net because …

… if you missed this one then time to pour something a bit
stronger than that morning smoothie. While a smoothie is
noted for taking care of your health, it is your pocket book
that is running a fever when your advertising is ignored.

Cause and Effect of Marketing Negativity

The cause can be many reasons from …

  • Failure to assign credits to webpages
    Not enough credits assigned
    Failure to use banners and/or text ads
    Lack of contact with current subscribers
    Flat mails for solos, safelists and mailers
    No follow up auto-responders
    No welcome mails
    more …

The very prospect you are advertising for, is being bombarded
with offer after offer from hundreds of thousands of new
affiliates competing for the same market you are after.

The problem with affiliate marketing is that it has a low barrier
to entry. Which simply means anyone can do it. And, literally,
everyone tries to do it.

From Negative to Uniquely You

There are two specific ways to change this scenario to profit or
tons of traffic. Basic rule is you – you need to stand out as unique.
Bet if you hear that concept one more time you will go crazy. Or
end up doing something that will require bail money to free you.

All being unique means is do something positive in a profitable
way. Knowing who you are, why you are online, what your best
expectations are, means you have a starting point to what you
need to do to stand out from the hordes.

Choose to either become an expert at driving targeted traffic, or
you need to become extra practiced at converting traffic.

Those that do neither fall into the 97% – and growing- failure
ratios. What I call spaghetti marketing is using plain ordinary
strategies that are all too common, pushed by the latest craze,
and just don’t work. It is in that category that you will find a
large percentage of marketers fail because they are not unique.

Distraction Factors Wipe Out Results and Expertise

The traffic Exchange industry is fast moving into anything but
garnering traffic for your great offers. That is one reason why
Clickaholics, 21stCenturySurf and10khits4unow will NEVER be
inclusive in these time wasting, make-the-owners-rich schemes.

That is why we stay focused on marketing goals and plans that
when followed, place you in the driver’s seat of control over the
dreams you have for your online success.

Staying focused on what you will learn from each of these TEs,
will teach you how to find and drive targeted traffic and how to
convert insane traffic to income.

Till next time …

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4 thoughts on “Marketing Negativity Hurts

  1. George Culp

    It’s such a shame that the majority will do nothing to make themselves unique.
    Especially when it a simple task to do so.

    That’s why your offer must offer the subscriber something they cannot get

    Use that autoresponder to filter out those not interested and by all means
    followup with those that stay.

  2. admin

    The strange part is everyone IS unique! It is a matter of finding your
    core beliefs and skills then tell the world about them.

    Thanks for the feedback George.

  3. Dale G Thomson-Home-Biz-Coach

    So very well put guys. I truly believe that it all come back to connecting with your why. because when you do that you can offer a unique value that no one else can therefore attracting people to you who have similar core beliefs. Those are the ones you want to mentor and work with and they will follow. Also providing value that help those people get where they want to go.

  4. admin

    thank you all for your feed back.
    I hope it continues as we post the mails from each blog as well.

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