Do You Love Contests- even if you could get hung?


Happy Thanksgiving imgHappy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Members and Friends who celebrate the fall harvest and Hallowe’en.

When 21stCenturySurf underwent a new script change, it was so that you would benefit in a lot of different ways.


21stCenturySurf Sea Star

    More traffic
    Fun easy surfing
    Larger icons
    Family viewing
    More ways to earn credits
    More banners
    More text impressions
    Personal branding
    Clean List Responsive Members

Surf challenges were also added via joint surf with other Traffic
Exchanges offering a broader market for advertisers to reach.

And that is the secret to conversions – all of those things that make
surfing a fun way to earn commissions.

  • 21stCenturySurf Sea StarAn attractive site to invite new subscribers.
    A reason for you to upgrade.
    A reason for you to promote 21stCenturySurf
    Places for you to safely advertise to.

Pride in belonging. A way to tell your hungry market they
have found a family site that encourages community.

And the coup de grace -Hangman with a twist!

What a fabulous game that has withstood time and Xboxes.
A game all family members can play.

Beat The Hangman!

  • 21stCenturySurf Sea Starearn prizes every turn of the wheel.
    challenging common dictionary word phrases
    An ongoing contest until a winner is reached
    Guess by playing, how many entries are there?
    and more …

Are you ready to join us in 21stCenturySurf? Ready to supply a safe,
friendly place for your kids to join you in surfing?

There is no time like the present to join up and add fun to your
surfing schedule.

There was a contest for the Hangman

However, no one guessed how many entries there were or all
of the entries in the game. So have some fun. Play it, win the
many cool prizes, record them and let’s see if you can find them
all before the end of the month.

Should we have a winner, submit your entries to this blog, the
ONE month upgrade will still hold plus a super credit package
to go with it.

Till next time …

Fran Klasinski Editor of blogYour editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing With Finesse

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