What is a Family TE?

100_3kidsA lot of TEs list their Traffic Exchanges as a “Family Friendly” Manual Traffic Exchange.

Good owners do their level best to prevent HYIP, PTP, Autosurfs and PORN away from their sites. NOT all proclaim that on the HOME page.

Many “Family” TEs [Traffic Exchanges] are listed in groups so they share membership and encourage more surfing. Does that make all the member sites family safe to surf? Best to check before you begin.

Our ViralHost Traffic Exchange group is 10khits4unow, traffic and leads generation from 2003; Clickaholics – designed for eager click-happy advertisers who expect to be seen- and 21stCenturySurf – our family safe surfing site. Each TE has its own definition of TOS – Terms of agreement so read them carefully.

ANY TE that permits the user to APPROVE their sites is open to someone trying to beat the TOS – Terms of Agreement. That is when a family site can also be put in jeopardy of what they claim.

While you can approve your own sites in 10khits4unow and in Clickaholics, you CANNOT APPROVE any action in 21stCenturySurf. You can only submit all forms of advertising then human eyes and fingers will approve or disapprove your submissions.

Banners and text ads are also human eyes approved in all our TEs. Again, we are sticklers for members who pay attention to and obey the TOS.

Yesterday vs. Today

At one time banner farms were disallowed. While they may not use that term today, many TEs are allowing banner pages that are not much more. On sites with three to five second timers, they are a total waste of time.

In 2004, cyclers bit the dust as illegal forms of advertising as they held no value and built off the backs of the next subscriber. Today, we still refuse any program that builds that way. Count on the fact that the FTC is watching each of these programs very carefully.

In fact, programs that push matrices are also under the gun. There is ONLY ONE matrix the FTC approves of. If you want to know it, Google it.

What “Family Friendly” should mean to you. Is a place where your grandchild can sit on your knee and press a key you tell them to push. There should be NO questionable site come up to offend little eyes, or yours for that matter.

If you have subscribers who are particular that you know want to surf where it is safe; if you have young children at home; if you are concerned with what is being allowed on some TEs, then rest assured, you cannot go wrong promoting 21stCenturySurf.

We are obsessed with your enjoyment and approval of this site. Feel free to express your likes or dislikes on any of our blogs or in support tickets. We take your opinions

Help us promote this truly “FAMILY Safe and Friendly” Traffic Exchange. help us make 21stCenturySurf the Family Site of Traffic Exchanges.

Your Editor …

Fran Klasinski Editor of 21stCenturysurf.com blogFran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
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9 thoughts on “What is a Family TE?

  1. George Culp

    I for one, am sure glad 21st has all manual approvals of sites, banners and text links.

    I’m not afraid for youngsters to be with me while surfing.

    Yes, it can be a pain in the butt sometimes but overall is worth the effort.

    How do you feel about this?

  2. Dale G. Thomson

    The most frustrating thing for me surfing is looking at a bunch of pages that really don’t tell me anything. Especially the pages with a bunch of banners with nothing to tell me why I should click on them. Nice to know there is a traffic exchange who cares about the integrity of this advertising medium.

  3. Christopher Klasinski


    Do you abuse,slander, make crude remarks or vulgar speech in and around your family? Do tolerate any of that?

    If Not, then why do it on the WWW in front the Whole World to see what type of person you are.

    21st Century is on of a small, yet growing list of TE’s that tolerate none of that going on it their pages. Why?

    Because they know that the computer is the new baby sitter of this busy world. USE it, Do Not Abuse it.


    Chris Klasinski
    aka gnucanuck

  4. admin

    Well thank you for your approval Dale of 21stCenturySurf cause it is important
    that members know how you feel. Me too

  5. Dale G. Thomson

    You make a great point Chris. Computers are the new babysitters of our busy world. It is nice to know other people appreciate that fact. Maybe if more did we would all be better off…yes?

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