Happy Mothers Day, You Won Check It Out

21stCenturySurf Happy Mothers DayHave you noticed how clean 21stCS is for surfing? A family surfing, should never have to worry about what they are forced to view.

Are young children often in your care? I can recall in earlier years when my friend and associate, Shelby, had three young ones she was forever trying to keep amused so she could get her work done.

I think Shelby would have loved to have had a Traffic Exchange like 21stCenturySurf to help be her baby-sitter and not have to put off her work to meet their demands.

Imagine the wonder of the terrible twos, sitting on your lap, poking at keys and watching pictures appear and disappear at will. Shared laughter instead of headaches. Such magic in one’s busy days.

Thank You for your keen efforts to help us keep it that way.

May Contest Winners.
Outstanding Solo Mail winner – Erika Szantos
Please send in your mail to support and we will get it out for you. Make sure the site you wish to advertise appears in your Websites on 21stCenturySurf. Details in the
newsletter in 21stCenturySurf.

Solo mails and start pages are a wonderful way to get your program known and you in front of the eyeballs of EVERY member. Once you get a taste of these great performers, you will want to use them all the time.

Blogs and Mail and Newsletters.
Sign in daily and catch up on your reading. A cup of your favorite brew and 10 minutes to yourself immersed in great ideas that might just be the solution you are looking for?

When you go to ONE blog to read, over on the right is the blogroll – a list of all the company blogs. Check them out. Leave a comment while you are there. Get known by other readers. EVERY reader is YOUR potential customer. Don’t pass up an opportunity to be seen and heard.

You cannot beat the value of investing your time in you.
You rock!

Be sure to Test the Start Page Magic. Surf to win a FREE entry your choice of TE ~ try one or try all.

Then mark your calendar for the …

Mother’s Day Surf …
Full contest details will appear in the Saturday Solo mail and in the TE CONTEST page for Sunday, May 12 all day.

Have a prosperous weekend – and try these

  • Add your comments to this post
  • Attend the Sunday conferences for great insights
  • Read your daily mails
  • Share the news with your subscribers

Your Editor
Fran Klasinski Editor of 21stCenturysurf.com blog

Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
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Marketing with finesse.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day, You Won Check It Out

  1. Allen Williams

    Thank you Fran for the great post here I learn a lot of great information on how to get more for less and when to place my ads to get more traffic to my sites, Thank again, Allen

  2. admin

    you are most welcome Allen.
    Hope you will keep on reading and let us know how
    better we may serve you.


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