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When I am surfing and the message across the top tells me I need two plugins to view the media on this page, I smile. I do not need to hear screeching media on a page in a Traffic Exchange.

The medium is the message you know, and the medium for your darned loud, distracting, ear-splitting videos is on your web page!

Here’s the thing I wonder about.

Are you afraid your glorious web site will not attract enough visitors? Maybe you need to be working on that issue before this next possibility? Do you think that exposure to a larger audience, like TE viewers will give you a better chance to gain conversions?

Gotta ask. Duh! What makes you think the average 10 second view will even get the shell-shocked viewer with ears on to the message? Your choice of music kills more than 10 seconds.

Big mistake huh?

That click is darned near as good as a delete button! Now the next time your site comes up – wahmmo!!! Tons of noise complaints will go in and you are history.

Nice conversion tactic huh? Try your website. It might give the viewer half a chance to turn on the sound if they want to hear the message, check you out and darn, they might sign up.

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1 thought on “You Need Plugins To View This Page

  1. George Culp

    Amazing the difference in teaching philosophy here than at other sites.

    Personally I hate the loud screaming video messages and immediately click off to the next site without getting any credit. See ya stupid! Wouldn’t want to be ya!

    Have a great message and the possibility of listening to your video makes much more sense.

    Wake up people!

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