Hocus Pocus Focus

Gremlins at work? No, just too much focus. Is there such a thing? You be the judge.

I was doing Admin work. Notifying one gentleman that according to our TOS, his blog had to be in English. Since it was not, I had to refuse it.

I got to where it was time to do the send. That was when my focus hailed the interrupt and instead of entering his user ID I hit the send. 198 members got a copy.

If he does not read his mail, then if his sponsor was one of the receivers, I am sure they will give him a heads up. For the rest of the receivers, there is a major tip within the admin mail send.

The TOS is clear. Your web pages MUST be in English. So, I know your people did not get this mail. Think the TOS/English point might be worth sharing with them?

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