Day1 Results of Can-Am Event Published

Ah but you won’t find them here.

Check your mail for complete results in all
the three traffic exchange surfing.

NOW would be a great time to contact your
downline and ask them to sign up in each
of our Traffic Exchanges. You get paid $1
for each sign up. While that may not seem
like much, try multiplying it by all those
members roosting in your downlines.

Check to see the other ways you can add some
ready cash to your accounts.

Don’t forget, the Can-Am Birthday Celebrations
supersede the regular contests.

Get surfing, earn your share of the profitable

ATTENTION: Been suffering slowww surfing in
10khits4unow and Clickaholics? Well the speed has
been turned up thanks to George who has removed
what we figure is the offending culprit – the new
script that shows you the current time zone.


The Good Stuff

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When adding campaigns to 10khits4unow and to
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Fran Klasinski – Admin

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