Income Creation Through Assessment

Had some feedback that the 10khits4unow blog entry was a good read. They are right. very much so for those not making online income but want to.

The details are not there of course, but that is part of joining up and attending conferences or training to learn them. The really neat thing is those details, they are not hard to learn either.

What is there in that blog post, is important to your future too. Why not take two minutes and read it? Leave a comment.

Using Traffic Exchanges For Best Effect

Choose what you believe are your top FIVE producing TEs.
Surf them Monday Wednesday and Friday

Choose your next top FIVE producing TEs.
Surf them Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Surf them all 100 times each surf day.
If you miss one day or cannot surf total 100, then make it up the next day.

Each week record …

  • How consistent your surfing is
  • What you are advertising
  • Hits vs unique ratio
  • How many sign ups
  • Which TEs produced best results

At end of the month, choose the top producer from each set and upgrade in it. Begin a list building page for these two TEs. Choose appropriate free gift for each sign up to your auto-responder.

Create mails for the a/r that are the exact duplication of the actions you took from choosing the top five TEs to the final results. Duplication is the name of the game and you are out to provide all your sign ups with the best of what you learned.

You should see conversions rise, sign ups become consistent and upgrades easier to obtain from subscribers.

The above is part of our 3-Step Simple Strategy. When you have done your best in following the steps, contact me. There is more.

Two lessons here are productivity and profitabilityYOURS.

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1 thought on “Income Creation Through Assessment

  1. Chris Klasinski

    I think that what Fran has said here are the most important things to do whether you are building a business thru a TE or in the brick and mortar world.

    You have to track your results of your doings.

    That is, you have to track you ads, where you place them, when you place them.

    Also the types of the ads you use in any particular TE or other place is also of particular importance.

    So doing to it is up to you and no one else.

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