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I am so glad you to hear you say you do not like to sell. If a lot of other online marketers would openly admit they are not good salespeople either, maybe the success ratio of these marketers would go up instead of steadily down.


If you chose a good program, then there is nada for you to sell. The site should do all the selling with an intriguing layout, exciting copy and imagery that builds that copy.

What you have instead is the opportunity to present the benefits of using his program to the right market who are looking for it.

And the best way to do this is to tell your market what it has done for you. What attracted you to the program/opportunity and why you have stuck with it and of course, with what results.

If you are not familiar with upsells or product reviews, then make it a point to Google the top ten and go do some reading. Then take it the next step and attend a conference and discuss your findings with the other attendees. Nothing beats a healthy brainstorming session on ideas. The best ones take shape when shared.

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  1. George Culp

    If you are still having trouble knowing what to write after reviewing some of the top products reviews, why not study your favorite site, like 21stCenturySurf, some more; explore the marketing materials and then it should be no problem to discover what to write.

    You will even develop your on “Why” from that same information – then spread the word.

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