Surf City Here We Come

Today is the big day! Clickaholics, TexasSizeTraffic, and TopFlightTraffic all join 21stCenturySurf for a 4-way surfathon.

It’s still pretty early here, not even 10am EST yet so I suppose if there is to be a grand surfing day, it will depend on a lot of home-body sleepyheads coming too and then the day J.O.B. crowd to do their thing once they come home.

Then again I have to wonder what you think about having to surf a minimum of 200 credits in ALL four Traffic Exchanges in order to qualify for any of the prizes?

What considerations cross your mind in deciding to surf ALL FOUR?

Is membership in all four a deciding factor?

CAH & 21stCenturySurf are our flagship TEs. TST -TexasSizeTraffic is in your downline. So that leaves TFT-TopFlightTraffic as the other TE to consider. TFT is a young and growing TE with a super owner determined to give you the best bang for your buck. He thinks like we do. TEs should be based to help the user.

Is time a strong factor?

I do not have the fastest machine on the net but I did 200 plus in all four in just under one and one half hours.

Are the prizes not worth the effort to surf that many?

Funnily enough, we had a member tell us to offer many smaller prizes even if only 50 credits for his efforts. The more who stand a chance of winning the more members who would surf. It is not the size of the prize it is the chance to win.

Is that true for you too?

Impending Notice of Surf Sessions.

This one had to be the grandaddy of all excuses for not having surfed. Imagine, the newsletter, the blog, the contest page in the back office of each TE in the surfathon, that right-in-your-face notice when you sign in.

Part of this situation is the willingness of trading time for money. Of not planning the day. Creating checklists of the actions planned so that they carry out with the least inconsistency.

Perhaps it goes further in not understanding the power of less is more. That organization of what you belong to is a must in order that control is in your hands not in the actions that keep you off balance.

Should you see yourself in any of the above, might it be a dire warning of a need to change your outlook? To perhaps develop a philosophy that includes some of what we offer in our conferences and sessions?

I suppose, since I do not know your work ethic, that you are the one who will have to make choices. Then again, maybe you prefer the laisez-faire approach to life?

Time to get back to my surfing. I have a plan or two for those credits I will earn today. Should I be a winner of one of the prizes, that will only make my plan that much easier to carry out.

Good Luck!

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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2 thoughts on “Surf City Here We Come

  1. Randy Ritter

    Hi Fran,

    This is a great post and, as always, it’s a pleasure to work with all of you.
    Thanks for the promos and the fantastic results that I get at all of these Outstanding exchanges. 🙂

    Randy Ritter
    Wing Commander
    Top Flight Traffic

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