21stCenturySurf Triple Play Surf Contest

Have you seen the start page? Are you
ready to rock and roll?

Gear up for a winners day with loads
of chances to win with 21stCenturySurf
TopFlightTraffic and TexasSizeTraffic.

April 14th ONE day only to win these
fabulous prizes.

The prize board is based on two levels.

Surf a minimum of 250 credits in each and earn
5 winners in each Traffic Exchange will win
500 credits/1000 banners/2000 text impressions

Members who surf a minimum of 350 credits
in 21stCenturySurf will be entered in draw for
$5/500credits/500banner/500text impressions.

Plan to spend your day with winners. Be one,
Be active.

Admin/Owners: EzprofitsPlusLLC
Mike Jeter – Telephone: 1-216-451-2115(EST)
Fran Klasinski – Telephone: 1-613-394-0868(EST)
George Culp – Telephone: 1-816-866-4079 (CST)
Sharon Ticknor – Telephone: 1- 905-685-3013 (EST)

Places to learn, earn and share

10k blog – on navigation bar.

EPP web 2.0 Community:

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